The day I almost died.....

There's a fine line between risk and recklessness. I spend a large amount of my time trying to figure out how to navigate that gap. Risk is always a good thing. It's where we experience growth, and positive risk taking behaviour makes us feel alive and connected to our potential. However, I'm going to tell you a story when the line became blurred and I danced momentarily into recklessness with near devastating consequences. It's only my careful preparation and training in breath that saved me.  Read the full story here.....

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Local treasures - Find Food Heroes on your Doorstep

In this article we take a look at your Environment Pillar and discuss locally produced food. Have you ever thought about the number of miles your food travels before it lands on your plate? Have you ever considered the impact on losing local traditions and cultures by not supporting producers on your doorstep?  Have you ever proactively looked into your local producers and made the effort to visit them and ask about what they are doing?

With so much food made for convenience and profit, it's all too easy to forget the pleasure in food and use it as fuel instead of a delicious vehicle to meet new people, learn about your environment and make new friends.

We take a break from a very busy schedule to check in with a local food hero producing some incredible Great British Cheese and remind ourselves to get back in touch with our heritage and all the pleasures this brings.

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Doggy Style! Why you need a Dog in your life......

You may not realise it, but there us a theory that we have evolved to rely on dogs for protection and thus, when we are in their presence we feel calmer and more relaxed.  That is unless they are chewing your favourite new pair of shoes or making a mess of your sofa!  Check in with us to get some insights into why you need a dog in your life and what to do if you don't, or can't have one....

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Introducing the #EnvironmentPillar and how to set up your “Work" Place

Today we want to devote a little time to your Environment Pillar. What’s it all about? What are we going to focus on?  How can you start to become mindful of your Environment Pillar and make some progress towards developing your awareness of this area of your life and it’s significance in your overall feelings of wellness, peace, calm and happiness! We'll cover an introduction to the pillar and also go into some detail around making your work environment super awesome.  It might not be about what you think!  Come with us on this journey........

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The Great Outdoors. Scientifically Proven to make you feel AMAZING!

We all have an innate feeling that being outside is good for us.  At The Strength Temple, we think it's based on our evolutionary response to our environment; and the science doesn't lie.  Even if you look at pictures of woodland scenes whilst exercising indoors, various physiological metrics prove it's better for you than exercising in an urban environment.  Our resident Doctor and Sports Medicine Physician Dr Dan, looks at the subject and we hope he will encourage you to get outside more.  Doctor's Orders! ;-) .......

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Our Mind Technique to tap into your Limbic System and Upgrade the way you FEEL!

We wanted to give you an insight around thoughts and feelings today and we encourage you to really take this one on board as it can literally change the way you are feeling in an instant!  Thoughts create feelings.  Feelings can create actions.  Actions  create outcomes.  Outcomes create new thoughts.  Repeat.  Just ponder on that for a moment. OK, got that?  Good then, let’s move on and define a term we often use called "Self Talk" before we tap into a visualisation technique to transform how you feel..........

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Do you need a #TempleDay?

Have any of you slipped during your progress with resolutions or goals?  I’d say 99.9% of people who answer with integrity and truth will say yes.  Well we’re here to tell you to relax!  We’ve come up with a method to get you back on track and overcome limiting behaviour.  We call it our #TempleDay and it’s a practice that once incorporated into your regime will ensure you can bounce back from any setback.  Full details are here…..

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Jaws, Adam Amin & The Human Spirit

About a week ago I was sitting reading BBC news at the end of what had turned out to a an awesome week and I saw some surf story had made the most read chart.

So I’ve seen this article and am immediately drawn to it.  If you didn’t see it I’ll just give you some background.  It was about a man called Adam Amin from Sidmouth, Devon (UK).  He was 19 and had 5 years surfing experience and followed his dream to ride one of the most notorious waves in the world - JAWS........

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The Power of NO!

Well there’s an interesting title.  "No" is usually associated with bad people.  It’s something we don’t look forward to hearing as it means we’re not getting what we’ve asked for.  It’s used by people stopping our progress.  People who just aren’t team players; but HANG ON ONE SECOND!  The power of a kind, well placed and diplomatic no is one of life’s greatest lessons and it’s careful use can open a gateway for your growth and ultimately a better outcome for everyone.  Let’s explore how you can use this often underused word to make everyone happier in the end; most importantly YOU!.....

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Stairway to Heaven "Glutes"

I should just note that I wrote this one quite some time ago when I was living in sunny Sydney. I Sadly don’t live near any park with steps. However, if you are near stairs – I hope this article brings you some inspiration to climb up, then down, then up again, then down, then up (because it’s important to finish on a high). Includes a video of some favourite Yoga moves to cool down.  Enjoy…

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Change your state in an instant

Some of the most powerful techniques we teach as part of our Mindfulness Pillar are ways in which our clients can change their state in an INSTANT.  By state we mean how you are feeling in a given moment.

There are many different ways in our arsenal, but one of the simplest that we can give to you right now would be to start your own list of best quotes.  It might seem obvious as you read it, and this really works.........

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Powerful Thought Game to Transform Your Future!

The first time I did this my goal was to get out of rented accommodation and into my own home.  I didn’t think I had the financial capacity to do it and it was really getting me down.  Within 2 weeks I’d found a new home and placed an offer that was accepted. I also used it to stop smoking and change my career.  This stuff works!

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Mindfulness, Anchors & Peak Performance on demand

Focusing on achieving mindfulness can produce a state where we feel what’s commonly described as “flow.”  It’s this state of “flow” that we look for when coaching our clients, and we are careful to build anchors for them to allow a rapid return to that state when it’s needed most.  Check out a few techniques to start using this pro tool....

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