4 Top Tips for Recovery after a Marathon

A marathon is one serious achievement. You spent many months preparing for the big day and you crossed the finish line, hugged your friends and family and relished in that endorphin high. So why, after investing all that time, do so many people neglect their recovery, setting themselves up for injury and pain! If you want to come back even stronger, follow our simple 4 step plan to a full recovery in no time…

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Roasted Autumn Veg, Quinoa, Humus & Honey Lemon Dressing

Its that time of year. The leaves are going burnt ocre and red and the woolly jumpers are coming out of hiding. We’re all loving focusing on our #environment pillar, going on windy walks and secretly wishing that soon we might see a little snow.


It’s at times like these we feel connected to the seasons and our bodies crave new types of food. Interestingly we had a Strength Temple Board meeting today and amongst celebrating the growth of our amazing community we decided to lunch on some seasonal root vegetables with an inspired dressing using local raw honey.

We posted a story about this to our Instagram profile and immediately had many requests for the full recipe, so here it is... 


These quantities will make enough to feed 4 people with a healthy appetite :-)

For the roasted Vegetables

1 Butternut Squash
1 Sweet Potato
3 Red Onions
Brussels Sprouts
7 Cloves Garlic (leave skin on) 

Home Made Hummus

1 tin Chickpeas (or you can soak dried peas overnight)
Lemon Juice
Malden Salt
Good Olive Oil

For the Dressing

Fresh Lemon Juice
Good Olive Oil
Chilli Oil
Malden Salt
Wholegrain Mustard
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Local Raw Runny Honey




Chop your veg into bite sized pieces and leave the garlic cloves with their skins on (after they've been roasted you can squeeze unctuous sticky garlic paste out of them.) Throw them into an oven proof dish and drizzle with olive oil and chilli oil. Add a dusting of salt and pepper and cover with silver foil then pop them into the oven preheated to 180 degrees C/  350 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Whilst that’s cooking blend all your humus ingredients together and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Next add 2 tablespoons of good olive oil to an old clean jar along with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard, 2 teaspoons of honey, salt and pepper. Shake together vigorously to emulsify and set aside.

After the vegetables have had 30 minutes under the foil remove from the oven, take off the foil and mix them together. Then place them back in the oven for about 20 minutes or until they get a little colour. 

Whilst you are waiting, wash a portion of quinoa in cold water and rinse. Cover with fresh cold water and bring to the boil in a sauce pan until it sprouts and is done. Drain and set aside. 

When everything is ready, place some roasted veg in your favourite bowl, sprinkle some quinoa on top and add a large spoon of hummus in the middle. Then drizzle your dressing over the top and serve!

Let us know what you think. We love to get feedback.


The day I almost died.....

There's a fine line between risk and recklessness. I spend a large amount of my time trying to figure out how to navigate that gap. Risk is always a good thing. It's where we experience growth, and positive risk taking behaviour makes us feel alive and connected to our potential. However, I'm going to tell you a story when the line became blurred and I danced momentarily into recklessness with near devastating consequences. It's only my careful preparation and training in breath that saved me.  Read the full story here.....

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Local treasures - Find Food Heroes on your Doorstep

In this article we take a look at your Environment Pillar and discuss locally produced food. Have you ever thought about the number of miles your food travels before it lands on your plate? Have you ever considered the impact on losing local traditions and cultures by not supporting producers on your doorstep?  Have you ever proactively looked into your local producers and made the effort to visit them and ask about what they are doing?

With so much food made for convenience and profit, it's all too easy to forget the pleasure in food and use it as fuel instead of a delicious vehicle to meet new people, learn about your environment and make new friends.

We take a break from a very busy schedule to check in with a local food hero producing some incredible Great British Cheese and remind ourselves to get back in touch with our heritage and all the pleasures this brings.

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My Toughest Opponent.... Me!

Our founder and Director Richie Norton shares his thoughts on the past year and gives you some insights into what's coming and how to prepare for your best year yet!  We also have a link here to our Strength Temple Goal Setting workshop.  This section is a detailed and tested way to set your goals for 2017 so they actually stick and turn into your dreams!  Even better news?  The goal setting section is FREE - Get excited, get motivated, get sharing and get ahead.

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Avocado & Poached Egg on Toast Masterclass

Avocado and Eggs are a staple of the wellness industry at the moment.  What's not to like!  It tastes amazing, is full of healthy fats, a great source of protein and keeps you feeling full for ages.  Here at the Strength Temple we are always looking to improve things and we've recently been working with some tasty flavour combos to keep our Avo and Eggs interesting and healthier than ever.  Check out this recipe which brings together the zing of Chilli and all the health benefits associated with Pomegranate Vinegar and Fresh Parsley.  We think this is a winner and everyone should be eating it.  Check out the full recipe and method here.....

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How to fuel your body for Energy & Strength

The past few months have blown my mind; literally. You may have noticed that I became a very proud NewBalanceUK ambassador as of April this year. Not only do I have another excuse to wear badass training kit all day but I’ve also felt inspired to push my own training to the next level. I’m feeling very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with them at such an exciting time.

The ONLY reason we are working with New Balance @TheStrengthTemple is because their equipment is world class!

The other thing I personally love about New Balance is that all their content and marketing is centred around adding value to their community.  To this end we've been working on some cool content and advice for you in association with them.  It's basically our training secrets from working with some of the best athletes in the game. Check out our article here to unlock your potential through nutrition and get into the best shape of your life..........

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Training: Making it count & maximising your precious time

Our in house Founder Director and New Balance Ambassador, Richie Norton, talks about his advice for runners over and above pounding the miles.  So many people think that simply running faster and further will achieve the results they desire.  However, the key to improvement lies in mixing up your training, getting the right mindset and focusing on often neglected areas such as flexibility and strength training work.  Click through to the full article to hear from Richie on how he is running further and faster than ever and his secrets to constant improvement.

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Lead from the front and do it in style

During the years playing rugby week in week out, endless drills and lifting/throwing big weights around, I realise now more than ever that the key to my physical and mental development primarily depended on 3 things.. 1) What I put in my body (Nutrition) - If I felt energetic, I would work harder than ever. 2) The way I was training my body - If I felt strong and fast, I was unstoppable. 3) Which kit was being used - If I trusted the equipment and kit I was using, I was confident I had the edge to take anyone on. I've pulled together my current goto training shoe options for you.  I've tested them to destruction so you don't have to.  Here's my favourites.....

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What is mindfulness and how can mindfulness help me?

Here's an article from our #NewBalance #Ambassador; Richie Norton.  Read about mindfulness, what it is and how to start practicing.  We've been advocates of Mindfulness as a means of living on a daily basis for some time now, but did you know that mindfulness has been an active part of human culture for thousands of years in one form or another. If you've heard about it and just need more info, or if you're a seasoned mindful pro - check out what Richie has to say.  There's something for everyone.

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New Balance "You Are Your Toughest Opponent"

The Strength Temple are super pumped to be working with New Balance!  Our Director Richie Norton is one of a select team of New Balance Ambassadors running with their latest campaign which explores how we are our own toughest opponents. This subject is close to our hearts and Richie has been working hard to bring hints and tips on peak performance with the New Balance team to take your training and performance to the next level.  In this article Richie talks about how he's feeling about the Ambassador role and what to expect as the campaign evolves.  Get involved!  #iamthecompetition

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Inspired Super Porridge!

This is one of the best flavour blasters we've created to date - pure food alchemy!  Beautiful soft porridge made with special milks, bombs of organic nut butter with a super fresh fruit salad vibe spiked with coconut, ginger and cherry topped off with the odd blast of salty pistachio!  We talk about old habits of processed white bread with sugar saturated jam and move you to a while new way of tasting this classic flavour combination.  It makes us feel great and is our power packed post HIIT breakfast of champions!  Come take a look......

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Doggy Style! Why you need a Dog in your life......

You may not realise it, but there us a theory that we have evolved to rely on dogs for protection and thus, when we are in their presence we feel calmer and more relaxed.  That is unless they are chewing your favourite new pair of shoes or making a mess of your sofa!  Check in with us to get some insights into why you need a dog in your life and what to do if you don't, or can't have one....

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Water Water Everywhere..... BUT are you Drinking Enough?

Anyone else a bit baffled concerning all the hype around hydration?  Amid all the old wives tales and unsupported so called "facts" on the internet, check in with us to get the low down on what you should be doing.  Hydration is so important and we have the facts.  How much should you be drinking?  What should you be drinking?  Do plastic bottles matter?  Is tap water OK, or should you go filtered?  All this and more from Dr Dan in this fact filled article from The Strength Temple #HydrationPillar

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The #TempleWalk and changing the way you feel in an instant!

Come with us and try this one out right now - and no we don't mean the flying press-up!  It will take you about 3 minutes to read this insight and then 30 seconds to 1 minute to try the excercise.  We PROMISE you will be FEELING AWESOME by the time you've finished.  Open yourself up to new ideas and try this stuff out.  Come on, live a little.  It really works!.....

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Thai "Temple" Green Curry

This is my signature dish.  Everyone loves it, and it's often requested when I ask people what they'd like me to cook when I invite them for dinner.  It's also super healthy and a great way to get your greens hit. I really don't care what your relationship is like with greens; you will LOVE this dish.  It can be made Vegan super easy as well and is my go to dish for vegetarian guests.  Give it a try, I promise you will absolutely fall in love with it. Full details and recipe here.....

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Introducing the #EnvironmentPillar and how to set up your “Work" Place

Today we want to devote a little time to your Environment Pillar. What’s it all about? What are we going to focus on?  How can you start to become mindful of your Environment Pillar and make some progress towards developing your awareness of this area of your life and it’s significance in your overall feelings of wellness, peace, calm and happiness! We'll cover an introduction to the pillar and also go into some detail around making your work environment super awesome.  It might not be about what you think!  Come with us on this journey........

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Salad Vibes

Yep; we LOVE a salad at The Strength Temple.  This one is pimped with some blue cheese and avocado.  It can get a little challenging coming up with new salad ideas, but it's so important.  Variety really is the SPICE of life when it comes to food.  Try this little bad boy combo to freshen up your palate and prepare to feel amazing after you've eaten the whole lot!......

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The Great Outdoors. Scientifically Proven to make you feel AMAZING!

We all have an innate feeling that being outside is good for us.  At The Strength Temple, we think it's based on our evolutionary response to our environment; and the science doesn't lie.  Even if you look at pictures of woodland scenes whilst exercising indoors, various physiological metrics prove it's better for you than exercising in an urban environment.  Our resident Doctor and Sports Medicine Physician Dr Dan, looks at the subject and we hope he will encourage you to get outside more.  Doctor's Orders! ;-) .......

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The Science of Stretching & Flexibility

Should you incorporate a regular flexibility programme? There are various opinions on the internet around stretching.  Some say do it before activity, some after and some not at all.  We asked The Strength Temple Director, Doctor and Sports Medicine Physician, Dr Dan Roiz de Sa about it.  He has provided the following information and advice; it’s the current thinking on stretching and joint mobility from a professional, not a google warrior!  Over to you Dr Dan….

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